Well there you go – it started with a few simple comments on Twitter, and now I’ve roped myself in to blog every day in June.

But I’m not alone, and am in good company with @stephmcg, @flexnib, @KatieTT, @restructuregirl, @snailx, @suelibrarian, and the list goes on and on and on. I definitely now will have my reading for the train trips to and fro the CBD.

I’ve started blogs before and given up, mostly due to lack of smart things to say. I read others’ blogs and am totally entertained. And so I feel the pressure to be likewise a source of amusement. But it is just me – librarian of sorts, mother, craftwoman. There will be no theme around my blog as I would find that way too hard. So my thoughts will jump, as does my life, around work, family, hobbies etc.

Today’s source of bemusement has been setting up the blog. The background is the Botanic Gardens in Wellington, from a recent trip. The header is a view from Flagstaff Hill, Warrnambool, from a trip five years back. Photography by moi! Things will change a bit as I get the hang of it, and I can see the potential to waste loads of time on playing with the settings *whee*.

Well thanks to all for the motivation – Day 1 is done 🙂


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