Crochet creations

This is a quickie post today… so I’m cheating a bit.

Here, finally, are some photos of my crochet creations – they are not wild and wonderful, but I did greatly enjoy making them.

Thank you to @HaikugirlOz for the link to Creativeyarn where I found the patterns. I had to alter the patterns, for both the berets and the handwarmers. Not sure why, but I had to drastically reduce the beret pattern – first one would have fitted Hagrid, whereas with the handwarmers I had to add – perhaps a vast difference in wool ply? Dunno, but I’m happy (as are my kids who are modeling). Have already received 3 requests for sets of handwarmers. Including one from Kid2: “can I have a set in black? but a bit shorter, with no frills? then they can be like fighting gloves!” Bless her, she’s the closest thing I have to a boy.


5 thoughts on “Crochet creations

  1. haikugirloz says:

    fantastic work… I really like the silvery greys. Handwarmers are very popular at the moment I seem to be making a lot :o)

  2. Nice work. All these knitting librarians make me want to get out the needles and try again. I’m tempted to find a pattern for an iPad cover… it can’t be too hard, right, just a tube??

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