New home for Buddy

I had promised another blog today, to make up for the one missed yesterday. So….

As others have been posting blogs about their pets, it’s time to share our story about Buddy.

We had talked about getting a dog, but it was always just talk. Then in February last year, a cousin contacted us asking if we would like a dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Now, whenever I had contemplated getting a dog I had always imagined it would be a Cavie. They are so good-natured, excellent with small children, require only a small amount of exercise and just want heaps of love. A brilliant breed for a family with children. But – usually at aΒ  very expensive price.

The dog in question belonged to the sister of a friend of the cousin (tenuous link, I know), and he had been bought when she was pregnant with child #3. Though the first six months had passed very happily, after #3 arrived the scene changed. Picture a harassed mother of 3 children – 4yo, 2yo and bub, and a very sad little dog who was not getting the attention he once received. Not surprisingly the dog started behaving badly.

It was Feb that we got the call of distress. However, it wasn’t til May that we actually took Buddy in. There was a false start – having told the 4yo the dog was moving, a broken heart changed the mother’s will. 7 weeks later the dog’s behaviour hadn’t improved (funnily enough) – so we received the call again. Buddy was 16mo when we received him, and he is truly delightful. The bad behaviour we expected never appeared, most likely due to the older children in my family who were ready and willing to lavish him with love without dismantling him first.

Buddy now owns us – all four of us, heart & soul. Buddy is generally a quiet soul, who creates quiet mischief – loves the water in the shower base, digging up bulbs, and lapping the occasional cup of coffee. With the pitter-patter of 4 little feet, MotH and I have needed to step back in time to child-proofing the house, though it’s Buddy proofing now. Kid1 and Kid2 compete for his attention, and he loves nothing more than belly rubs. Buddy ferociously protects the house by backing at strangers (or friends) whilst backing away to a save distance at the same time. He is a sweet gentle soul, and I hope he is enjoying his new family as much as we enjoy him.


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