Domestic delights

‘Twas a busy day, with me beavering away to finish my conference paper. It’s due Thursday, but I need it complete for tomorrow to enable editorial comment from a couple of generous colleagues. Generous with time, not necessarily generous with comment! Anyway, it’s completed, and I feel fabulous! Bit of a loss of a public holiday but them’s the breaks. Now I am allowed to have some quality time to myself.

It’s also been a busy day for Moth. He has constructed a new clothes line under our pergola. MotH constructed the pergola last year, and I’ve been waiting ever since for the clothes line. Which doesn’t sound like much – but this has transformed my day from fabulous to absolutely stupendous!! This very simple addition to our courtyard enables me to hang washing outside, under cover, in winter.  Instead of all over the house. This will particularly come in handy for bed linen and towels, where the hanging structures inside do not provide sufficient height, width nor breadth for anything other than clothing.

Now the photos are crummy, as they’re taken with my Bberry and I am a hopeless photographer.  The one of the pergola gives some idea of the huge expanse. But I wanted to show the new marvel that will alter my winter washing days delightfully. Anyone who lives in Melbourne will understand the difficulties of washing linen etc in winter. Even on the better winter days, we simply do not get enough sunshine nor warmth to dry washing. Any washing strung outside on the line needs to be brought in by 4.30pm, as the damp settles in soon after.

As I don’t arrive home until after 6pm, I’m fighting a losing battle. Any washing can remain on the line for a week in a bid to get it dry. If you manage dry weather, and to gather it by 4.30pm it is still usually damp and needs either an airing inside or a toss in the dryer. Which defeats the original exercise.

This Saturday I stared in dismay at my laundry piles… with the usual 4-5 loads from the family, together with 3 loads of linen that’s been accumulating due to my avoidance. I can now tackle all this happily with vigour!

Finding happiness in such domesticity is probably something I should keep quiet about. It is an odd trait of mine. But the trials of laundry are a burden known to most. Others may share empathy with the challenges of attempting to motivate the home tradesman. All in all, I’m happy and I think it’s worthwhile posting. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Domestic delights

  1. Polyxena says:

    this sounds good to me! I spend winter (in Melbourne) with clothes spread around the house on clothes horse etc

  2. haikugirloz says:

    My laundry is frightening at the moment as I am refusing to my daughter’s and her boyfriends – it’s the principle.

  3. bookgrrl says:

    Most definitely! My day can be improved immeasurably by the weather- is a good drying day? Can I get two or three loads on the line? I hate laundry with a passion, but there’s something comforting about putting away nice clean piles of clothes.

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