True or false?

Finding new fodder for the blog is a bit difficult so thank you to LibrarianHoi for inspiration!

Of the following 3 statements, one is not true. Can you guess which one?

[This has been more difficult than I thought, because I have to remember what has been revealed in my posts :)]

  1. I love the rush of heights – as in abseiling and para-sailing. My favourite ride at DreamWorld was the Giant Drop, where you plummet 120 metres downwards -what a gas! When Kid2 is 18 we are both going parachuting, but we have to wait until she is 18 as her father (MotH) hates heights and doesn’t want any of us to enjoy them – makes him too nervous. She’ll need to be an adult to be able to do it.
  2. I love indian food – the hotter the better! Especially dishes like Vindaloo and Sorpatel.
  3. I became a confirmed catholic just a couple of years ago. As a part of the process I ‘married’ my husband again – but this time in a church, by a one-legged priest.

Happy guessing 🙂


4 thoughts on “True or false?

  1. vplearning20 says:

    I am sure there are one-legged priest somewhere and by no mean I am being unrespectful but I find this idea somehow very odd. I love Vindaloo and Sorpatel and they are indeed very spicy. #1 is totally possible since you have kids that age and they do those things.

    So I vote for #3… do you need to ‘marry again’ once you are a confirmed catholic? hmmhmm

  2. No fun if 3. is untrue because it’s so unlikely. I presume that you wouldn’t repeat Hoi’s revealing mistake of writing the most about the false statement … but then again maybe you are trying reverse psychology…

    So…. I’m going for number 2.

  3. Ruth Baxter says:

    I’m going with 3 being one of those truth is stranger than fiction things. So I’ll pick 2 to even out the guesses so far 🙂

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