Answers and inspiration

In my last post I list 3 things about myself, 2 of which were true. Of the comments – 3 were correct. Well done.

I do not like indian food, in fact can not handle anything too hot or too spicy. While I like a curry, I’ve found that what I enjoy is not even close to what true curry lovers would consider the real thing.

And I do love the rush of heights, in of course what I consider safe environments (though others may disagree on the safety aspect). As a child I often dreamt of being able to fly, like a bird. My 10 years has the same dreams. So we have set some goals for later, when she is an adult and I will not be considered an irresponsible adult for taking her places where we can both fling ourselves from great altitudes.

Re the third option: I was confirmed as a catholic just a couple of years ago. As a part of the process I did have to marry my husband again, as the first wedding was held in a garden with a celebrant and is not recognised by the Church. (By the same reckoning, my brother was able to marry his second wife in the full catholic tradition as his first marriage was not valid.)

On to the one-legged priest.  (And a warning up front for those that don’t like the ‘deep’ stuff.) At the parish to which I belong  there are two very lovely people, both of whom inspire me for different reasons. The first is the priest who is wheel-chair bound, and who unfortunately over the last few years has needed to have more and more of his leg amputated due to circulatory problems. To make a very quick story, he was ordained 40 years ago and accepted a missionary position in Papua New Guinea as his first work as a priest. His plane crashed on his way there, and he was left a paraplegic. In the face of all this, he decided to stay in Papua New Guinea and remained there for the next decade. His special gift is languages, and during his years there he translated the bible into the local dialect for his PNG community. His story inspires me for his very pragmatic courage to simply push on in life and achieve the most that he can achieve, without giving in to the woes that may have befallen him.

The other person who has touched my life is the nun who runs the catachetics program for the children. She is an amazing woman who lives her religion in a very real world. She is gutsy and doesn’t hold back, while recognising the humanity in people in the most dire of circumstances. She has spent her life caring for others, having worked in pallative care, in remote areas in PNG, and in Redfern with addicts and alcoholics. Not so long ago,  as bushfires ripped through parts of Victoria, devastating whole communities, this woman relocated herself and based herself in King Lake to offer whatever help she could – from the manual tasks of cleaning and clearing damage to offering spiritual support to those drowning in grief. She has a wonderful sense of humour and shares her faith in ways that meld beautifully with the 21st century. She lives her religion without any apologies – even though religion in the digital world is not something that most people even consider, let alone aspire to. Her passion for her beliefs and for easing others’ lives is pure and motivating, especially as a direct contrast to the consumerism that surrounds all of us.


3 thoughts on “Answers and inspiration

  1. Very interesting post! I like that we can learn so much about each other thru the blogs!! And what? No Indian food for you? I guess you don’t like Thai food too??

  2. This would make it possible for you to introduce your “first husband” as your “second husband” perfectly correctly! 😛

    People who dedicate their lives to others always inspire me.

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