Nip & tuck?

MotH has just interrupted my very serious FB updating to tell me his eyesight is failing. And I laughed.

Not known for my sensitivity, I welcomed him to old age. My eyesight has been failing for some time, but having passed over that ‘hill’ the decline of rest of me seems to be speeding up too. I am beginning to understand why so many embrace cosmetic surgery to turn back time. The steady decline of all things physical is scary. Now, if I had the money I don’t actually think I would undergo the knife. I have always embraced the ‘aging with dignity’ stance. However, I am finding that’s an easier position to support when one is young and beautiful – it’s harder once you start to fall apart. And if Helen Mirren is reconsidering the whole question……?

So my wishlist for the fantasy surgical make-over would be:

  • chin lift (i.e. removal of the extra chin)
  • eyelid lift
  • tummy/thigh liposuction (with absolutely no exercise involved)
  • head transplant on to Reese Witherspoon’s body, followed by
  • body transplant on to Kristen Davis’ head

Not asking for much am I?


3 thoughts on “Nip & tuck?

  1. bookgrrl says:

    Mr Bg has always said he wants his brain transplanted into Brad Pitt’s body. I wouldn’t be complaining…

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