SATC2 – old and orange

Saw SATC2 last night – suitably with a gaggle of gals. I have always been a SATC fan, from the early days so could not not go. However, I have to say it was not their best effort.

Storyline was weak. Even in SATC terms. At least in the series and the first movie, each lass had her own story (shallow as it may be) but in SATC2 storylines disappeared completely, and it appeared to be more an advertisement for Abu Dhabi.

And I’m not quite sure what happened to the fashion sense. While Carrie and the gals have been known to wear some odd ensembles, the sequins and trash glam they don on holiday is more the apparel of transvestites or ’80s disco queens. Though keeping in character with the series, they do save the most atrocious for Miranda.

But most horrifying of all – when did they get old?? and orange?? Way too much spray tan – even Big. Others that I saw the movie with thought it was great – ‘they’re keeping it real’. Crap. Absolutely nothing else was real, so why on earth would showing the women’s real ages be the one factor where they would allow reality to kick in. I realise now that it’s my issue – denial (note: previous post was on nip&tuck). I regularly (read daily) watch repeats of SATC on Foxtel, and my mental images of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha are stuck in the late ’90s to early ‘oos. In comparison, they are older. I’ve just missed seeing the aging process over the last few years.

Big, though, was still Big. Mmmmmmm. I’m not an Aidan fan – most will side with one or the other (very Edward vs Jacob).  For me, Big wins hands down. 

And I did laugh, out loud. Which is why I love SATC in the first place.  So, while it’s certainly not in keeping with the same quality as previous showings, I did still enjoy the movie. Just would not recommend it except to diehard fans (like me).


4 thoughts on “SATC2 – old and orange

  1. gigglesigh says:

    I laughed out loud too but I completely agree with you about the fashion. Samantha has an amazing body for her age, so why the hell did they put her in that red general’s outfit with the silver shoulder pads??? I think Miranda had the best outfits. My favourite moment was the undercover Abu Dhabi women. Samantha and Miranda are my two favourites. Carrie just annoys me. Charlotte is too much of a princess. There was no plot but it was a nice night out with my girlfriends.

    • Yes, agree – good film to see with friends. Loved the camel toe moment. Have to say Miranda is a fav forme too, tho I find Samantha increasingly annoying. I love Charlotte mostly because she is a princess – and having a screaming 2yo was priceless!

  2. gigglesigh says:

    oh that moment she locked herself in the cupboard – so been there! and when her daughter put her hands all over her white skirt – have had similar moments on my way to work just not with a Valentino skirt LOL

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