Easing into Sunday

It’s been a cold and wet Sunday in Melbourne,well it looked like that out of the window. We didn’t step outside today.

Taking the chance for a slow day was too good an opportunity. The past few weekends have been loaded with birthday stuff and family stuff and writing conference paper stuff. We had nothing on today. What bliss. Every now and again I enjoy the slowing of life, when there is no reason to stray past the front door.

So our easy agenda allowed each member of the family his or her own freedom. Kid1 and Kid2 never got out of their pjs. One played Club Penguin, the other loaded new vids and music on her ipod. MotH played games on his PS3 . And I watched a few movies, while doing a couple of loads of washing and crocheting.

It sounds like a boring day. Which it was, but every now and again the stimuli need to be quietened to allow all senses to recuperate. And now I’m feeling almost ready to embrace the working world again tomorrow. Almost.


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