School holidays

Have been very distracted and have not blogged since Thursday. So much for #blogeverydayofjune.

School holidays have started, so with Kid 2 in primary school and Kid1 in early high school the juggling begins. Luckily of the ten work days, I can take 7 as leave. For the other three I had thought I has them covered. Until my niece rang – all of a sudden, the juggling begins again.

I usually do the rounds of family for assistance, but I know they already booked with other things. Kid1 is booked with a friend. I don’t like doing it, but I have ended up calling a mother from school to see if she is able to have Kid2 for the day. I hate to ask, but there are times I see limited options to do anything other.  This mother has said in the past that she is happy to help if needed – so I’m holding her to it. (Hint here – don’t say things you don’t mean.) Fortunately she is very happy to help me out.

The working mother thing is at times a great challenge. The kids accept reasonably well that they will be shunted around at times, as they also know that if I can swing the time off I will.  This time round, we’ll be doing some fun things together – so bring it on. Yay holidays!


2 thoughts on “School holidays

  1. Fortunately, my full time working life has co-incided with my kids starting Yrs 12, 11 & 7 respectively AND I only have them half the school holidays anyway. It was enough of a juggle when I was part time and they were little. I have always relied extensively on my network of friends and parents-of-my-kids-friends as I have no family in Sydney – what comes around goes around and we used to just mind each other’s kids when needed.

    I think you’re right – if people say ‘happy to help’ it is best to take that at face value and take them up on it!

  2. I so know what you mean. I have a mum who is a saint and I have another friend with kid same age as Mr6 so can call on her. The coming holidays I’m taking as leave though… I need a break too. 😛

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