Snow and lollies

It’s been a busy busy week and I’ve haven’t blogged for a while. By the time I look at the PC I’m so tired I can’t think straight. So I’ll do some quick posts on what’s kept us so busy.

On Wednesday we went to the snow at Lake Mountain Resort. Met up with friends at Healesville, swapped into one car (4-wheel drive) at Marysville and off we went. The weather was pretty good: -1 degrees whenwe arrived and snowing lightly. Bit of a wind that then dropped. My girlfriend’s kids were estatic as they had never seen snow before. We were all rugged up in waterproof pants and jackets and gloves – mix mash of stuff that’s been collected over the years with a bit of swapping between families as we’re all different sizes.

Tobogganing is great fun – the kids quickly become daredevils.  They seem to have unlimited energy, racing down the hills then running back up to go again. I can’t say I kept up – a few climbs of the hill was enough for me, though I did partake in the snowball fight. Lesson- it’s hard to throw with mittens on!

Hotdogs for lunch (2 thermos full of them) kept the kids going for a few hours, and then a drop-in to the Bistro for hot chocolate. By 3.30 we were cold and tired enough to call it a day – especially as there’s still the long drive home.

After we got back to Marysville and separated back into our own cars, my little family kept up our tradition and visited the Marysville Lolly Shop. In the past, it is always our last stop before we head home. I hadn’t been to Marysville since the fires last year – so I was surprised to see it up and running – in a shipping container. I was so glad – Marysville at the moment looks so empty. The damage has been cleared and there is a fair amount of rebuilding going on, but the main drag is very quiet. Not the hustle and bustle of a couple of years ago. All the vegetation has new growth, and I’m very glad to see the skeletons of new houses and buildings all around town. 




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