Missing the finale

I missed June 30 – the last day of #blogeverydayofjune. Of which I missed 4 days. But I’ve been busy – the school holidays distracted me.

So this is what I’ve done since June 25 when everything went haywire:

  • finished some reports at work that are due July7
  • drove to Rye for girls’ weekend (Fri & Sat nites)
  • went to Peninsula Hot Springs – lovely!
  • helped amuse 2 8mo babies (who accompanied 2 of the girls for the w’end)
  • Sunday drive home – loads of washing from the week just gone
  • Monday appointment for Kid1 – who also appears to have some issues with Scotopic sensitivity  (Kid2 assessed earlier this year)
  • attacked and cleaned up toy cupboard – stuff moved on to charity, including old furniture
  • removed all videos – bygone era stuff
  • tidied photos and photo albums
  • day trip to the snow
  • visited the Titanic exhibition at Melbourne Museum – would recommend! but a lot of the type is hard on the eyes (high glare & darkness issues, and red type on black b’ground not good)
  • pizza at the Casino
  • tagged by brother’s computer and music equipment before it’s all pulled apart for the move (i.e. marking all cords and where they go)
  • watched Toy Story 3 – I so loved it! I am a huge Jessie fan.
  • trip to hairdresser for Kid2
  • attacked and cleaned my warddrobe, clothes drawers, shelves and shoes
  • tripped and remade all beds throughout the house

And now I rest (a little bit). It’s been a very busy week, and some of the stuff has been fun while other stuff  is the things I don’t find enough time to get around to on the average weekend.

I’ll end this with the moment from Toy Story 2 when Jessie stole my heart:


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