How do you say thank you?

Today on Twitter I posted the question: Thinking about staff recognition – what makes you feel that your work is acknowledged & appreciated?

I received a number of responses (thank you):

@nomesd presents. Chocolate. Gold stars. Big fat cheques.

@restructuregirl Praise for projects I think are valuable. Not just those others wanted me to do. So praise for initiative I guess.

@haikugirlOz public acknowledgement of a job well done is nice | morning/afternoon teas | we have performance based bonuses here

@Suelibrarian specific verbal acknowledgment is good. Ie rather than general “you did good”- specific contribution recogn in front of peers

@stephmcg mention in a newsletter, gift voucher, and lindt chocolate 🙂

@rockchicklib a raise? 🙂 Serious – RDO after project, get to go to confs & things, a lunch. Yes public praise, but some not fond of that!

Private response: simple thank you for work well done

@nomesd bonuses awesome. Recognition good. Prof devt recognition? Non-money bonuses?

Private response: a one-on-one ‘thanks, you did good’ does it for me. doesn’t need to be public, just occasional indication that i’m doin ok

I also posted the question on Yammer – and the only response I got was: All for it. I’ve got plenty of ideas (paid holidays, an internal honours system), but I take it you only want sensible ones?

The origin of the question was work. I’ve been asked to consider how people should be recognised and acknowledged for the work they have done – often on top of existing workloads. However in thinking about this, I find it poses more questions. Who should offer the recognition? The organisation or the individual manager? Should all staff involved get the same praise/recognition – when workloads and contributions have not been even?

On a personal level, I have difficulties with receiving praise. I often find it contrived and run-of-the-mill. I get more satisfaction from a personal comment or note/card expressing thanks than a public  statement. Yet at the same time I do want credit given when it is due. I do not like the standard gift to all staff – as to me it ignores those who have really tried while patting others on the back who barely turn up.

What do others think?

And before I finish, I wish to recognise the efforts of those mentioned above for their very valuable  contributions: here’s an elephant stamp for great effort!


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