Christmas Day and it’s competition time

After a reasonably early start ( 7am – as the kids are not allowed to come near us till then, but are usually up at 6am), the morning tradition of opening presents commenced. Both kids know some form of breakfast must be consumed first, so that if there are any goodies in the pile of pressies they will hopefully already have a half full tummy and won’t eat the lot!

This year the biggest present, which was really for the whole family, was a table tennis table. We had some difficulty coming up with ideas for the ‘big’ present as a ban had been placed on ‘electronics’. The family has enough ‘electronics’, and any additions at this stage would only be upgrades or equivalents of a different brand. So we went the physical entertainment route.

The table tennis table has been a huge hit – with all family members having a go, even Mum. The surprise of the day was Grandad – who had hidden the fact till now that he used to play competition table tennis – ‘A’ Grade even. And so it was on.

MotH (Man of the House) is never one to be bettered in things sporting. He frequently bores his children with “in my younger days, I played top division of tennis… of cricket… of football”. So to watch him be beaten outright by my 75 year old Dad was golden. MotH of course had his wins, and if he wishes to crow about the great face-off against Kid2 (10yo) and it helps his ego, we’ll let it be.

The other family member who has greatly enjoyed the table tennis table is Buddy, our cavie. He has grasped the challenge of ‘ball boy’ very well, though has not understood the part about giving the ball back.

Anyway, at this stage lunch is eaten – a reasonably light affair of chicken and cold meats, with salad and rolls, as we face a larger meal tonight at the mother-in-law’s. We did finish with a small plum pud and custard – thank you to ‘Big Sister’ – the real homemade plum pud is for tomorrow at my brother’s place. And I am about done and desperately longing for the afternoon kip before we start the night affair. As I am still fighting a horrible virus that has made panadeine my best friend, I need to rest to get through tonight and tomorrow. So til I blog again tomorrow, ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Merry Christmas everyone – I hope you had a lovely day.


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