Today has not been a good day, due to illness. The lurgy I’d been fighting since last Thursday has found new form and once again claimed my energy and spirit – hence, I have spent most of the day in bed. Though we has already earmarked today as a lay day, I hadn’t anticipated it being as useless as it was.

The kids have been great, amusing themselves with jigsaw puzzles, a bit of painting and some cookie creations. And for some reason, the movie of the Grinch, which appears at this stage to be running on a loop. Asked why it is STILL on, the only reply is ‘we like it’.

It was not favourite when it first cameout, and Kid2 used to be scared witless by it. I still remember managing one of her nightmares, and wondering why she was so scared of the ‘French’. It took me sometime to make the connection to the Jim Carrey green creature, and so we actively avoided the movie for a number of years. Apparently both kids like it now – enough to watch it over and over and over.

Unfortunately I see similarities between that green fiend and the illness that has beset me. I can see the Grinch inside my head, turning the headache screws with glee, jumping up and down on my sinuses, and setting of firecrackers in my throat. So, as the title states, I am over-Grinched. Back to bed.


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