We were woken at 1pm last night by a very loud bang. Some lovely individuals had set off fireworks in our letterbox, and well…. the letterbox has not survived. MotH has setting off a la Bunnings to seek a replacement, and has already rang through his horror that a new one of the same kind will cost $170. Not happy Jan.

In cursing what was probably the larking of teenagers, I have had to stop short and rethink some of my behaviour at the same age.  As a teen, I was part of a boisterous group whose behaviour  was probably borderline thuggery. Stupid I know, but as a teen the hotted-up cars, and supposedly even hotter boys were very attractive. The urge to be part of a ‘gang’ was strong, and with it came smoking (a habit I struggle to quit even now) and admittedly under-age drinking.

With my kids now entering their teen years, I worry about them becoming involved with similar groups.  As a teen, I was let loose by my parents who were by then divorced and didn’t provide much (any) supervision and little guidance. MotH and I work hard though to provide a better environment, and definitely more supervision.

I realise now that the larking in my teen years would have caused others discomfort, and damage to others’ property. While I was generally a witness and bystander to the mischief, I was by no means innocent, and never tried to alter others’ behaviour. I’m not sure how you repay that as an adult, except to ensure the behaviour is not handed down to the next generation.

So my apologies to those to whom I have caused distress. I will at least endeavour to make certain my children do not behave likewise.


3 thoughts on “Karma?

  1. Ruth Baxter says:

    Or is it more that as a part of society such teenage venting is ok? I mean it’s just a letterbox. I think you are doing interesting stuff in your thinking, but I’m not sure that confining teenagers more is the answer? Mind you I don’t have kids!

  2. Not confining as such, but having an active interest in where they are going, who they are mixing with, being available at any time to pick them up. I don’t see this as a solution by any means, but it will certainly demonstrate more parental interest than I received.

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