NYE 2010

We haven’t hit midnight yet, but have enjoyed a great night. As we are still in Melbourne, and haven’t gone away as we had originally planned, we partied here.

First stop was Kun Ming in Chinatown, which never fails us. All the family love it. Tonight’s feast included honey chicken (for the kids), king prawns with cashews and sliced beef Szechuan style (for the adults). Very affordable, clean and the food is reliably delicious.

Next stop was Yarra Park, in the shadows of the MCG. What a beautiful night. We picked the shapes in the clouds while we waited.

Guy Sebastian was performing, but from where we were seated the music was drowned out by the carni rides. Fireworks started at 9.15pm. We always head for the Family show inside of the midnight spectacle. I have no desire to mingle with drunken teenagers. Here’s a very small sample:

Not truly spectacular show, but enjoyable. Quick easy exit from the city, and we’re home by 10.15. I’ll now get comfy on the couch with Kid1 and Kid2, watching a movie until midnight. To end our night we turn the lights out and watch the fireworks at Sydney Harbour.

Suits me for NYE.  A night with my family and lots of sparks!


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