Movie Meme+

Thanks to @Katejf for meme, as am totally exhausted and brain not working. Today’s been the first day I’ve felt well, so after a couple loads of washing I weeded the front garden. Then an opportune phone-call from a close friend lead to an afternoon of tennis, followed by lots of gossip. Have to start the dinner soon, and know that after dinner I will not have the sun-burnt energy to blog – a meme is an excellent way to keep up with #blog12daysxmas without expending too much energy or grey cells.

Top 25 Box Office of 2010

(as of December 13, 2010)

  1. Toy Story 3 ($415M) seen and now own it – Love it and both predecessors
  2. Alice in Wonderland ($334.2M)  want to see
  3. Iron Man 2 ($312.1M)  
  4. Eclipse ($300.5M)  
  5. Inception ($292.5M)  
  6. Deathly Hallows Part 1 ($259.2M)  seen and loved, again like all predecessors.
  7.  Despicable Me ($250.3.7M) seen it – enjoyed.
  8. Shrek Forever After ($238.4M)
  9. How to Train Your Dragon ($217.6M) seen it, and watched it again recently via Foxtel Box Office – enjoyed.
  10. The Karate Kid ($176.6M)  
  11. Clash of the Titans ($163.2M)
  12. Grown Ups ($162M)
  13. Megamind ($140.6M)
  14. The Last Airbender ($131.6M)
  15. Shutter Island ($128M)
  16. The Other Guys ($119.2M)
  17. Salt ($118.3M)  
  18. Tangled ($117.2M) want to see
  19. Jackass 3-D ($116.8M)
  20. Valentine’s Day ($110.5M)  
  21. Robin Hood ($105.3M)
  22. The Expendables ($103.1M)  
  23. Date Night ($98.7M)
  24. Due Date ($95.4M)
  25. Sex and the City 2 ($95.3M) seen it – and blogged about it: Old and Orange

I have seen only 5, which doesn’t surprise me. I don’t get to the movies much. I generally catch up with the movies I wish to see when they hit Foxtel. So the flip side of this meme is the movies I finally saw last year, which were released the year before:

Based on Box Office Mojo’s top 40 for 2009

1                   Avatar $749.7M

2                   Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen  $402.1M

3                   Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince $301.9M

4                   The Twilight Saga: New Moon $296.6M

5                   Up $293M

 6                  The Hangover $277.3M

7                   Star Trek                                                                      $257.7M

8                   The Blind Side                                                           $255.9M

9                   Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel  $219.6M

10                 Sherlock Holmes                                                      $209M

11                 Monsters Vs. Aliens                                               $198.3 M

12                 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs                        $196.5M

13                 X-Men Origins: Wolverine                                   $179.8M

 14                Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian        $177.2M

15                 2012                                                                              $166.1M

16                 The Proposal                                                             $163.9M

17                 Fast and Furious                                                       $155M

18                 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra                                   $150.2M

19                 Paul Blart: Mall Cop                                                 $146.3M

20                 Taken                                                                           $145M

21                 A Christmas Carol (2009)                                       $137.8M

22                 Angels & Demons                                                    $133.3M

23                 Terminator Salvation                                              $125.3M

24                 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs                  $124.8M

25                 Inglourious Basterds                                              $120.5M

26                 G-Force                                                                       $119.4M

27                 District 9                                                                      $115.6

28                 It’s Complicated                                                       $112.7M

29                 Couples Retreat                                                       $109.2M

30                 Paranormal Activity                                                $107.9M

31                 Watchmen                                                                 $107.5M

32                 The Princess and the Frog                                    $104.4M

33                 Public Enemies                                                         $97.1M

34                 Julie & Julia                                                                 $94.1M

35                 He’s Just Not That Into You                                 $93.9M

36                 Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail                       $90.5M

37                 The Ugly Truth                                                          $88.9M

38                 Up in the Air                                                              $83.8M

39                 Knowing                                                                      $79.9M

40                 Hannah Montana The Movie                              $79.5M


Actually I didn’t do much better, though I had expected I would. Obviously I’m not a movie gal.


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