Back to work…. banana

As the title says, it was back to work today after the festivities. Unfortunately my festivities were haunted by flu-like symptons, but they were still enjoyable as family events usually are.

At MPOW things were quiet as many don’t return until next week. Most who were present grumbled and expressed wishes for my holidays (including moi). The most significant piece of work that I accomplished today was compiling a new to-do list, and then completing three things on the list – which is rewarded with a green tick. It doesn’t sound like much, and I have to admit it wasn’t. However, I did network (love that euphemism!) and tested people’s reactions to a new minor organisational restructure and the news of some staff leaving.

The best part of my day was this, which was sent to me by a colleague who is still on leave but wished me a happy first day back:

It made me smile, and of course pass it on. Hope you enjoy it.


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