Looking for a spark

With the leap into the new year, and the gambit that I will blog weekly, I decided to freshen up my blog theme.  I did try a couple of different themes out, but while they looked lovely they were very difficult to read. As I suffer from Irlen Syndrome, as do both my kids, I was after something that was easy on the eyes. The non-white background helps me a lot, though I wish I could make the font larger – if anyone knows how to do this easily, please let me know.

After redesign, then comes inspiration – or at least I hoped. It did not. So I checked the DailyPost – that wasn’t that helpful either. Today’s idea was ‘don’t quit’. Well I don’t intend to quit, but neither do I wish to write about it. When I have no ideas (which is often) I check out the blogs of others, which has been very useful in the past. This is why I keep a blogroll – so I can quickly jump to the blogs I follow.

A quick peruse of blogs where I caught up with HaikugirlOz‘s licorice allsorts hats, Kate’s early reflections on participating in the DailyImage flickr group, and Bookgrrl‘s travels. However, as most people that I follow participated in the #blog12daysxmas challenge, they are quiet now. I also dropped in on twitter, but found no inspiration there.

So, in desperation, here’s is a pictorial review of my weekend.

First I had a lovely pedicure as a real treat. My last one was over a year ago. Both my girls came and had manicures – in fact it was their idea to begin with, and I just followed.

Second, I’ve been working on a latch-hook rug – a cupcake cushion that I know the girls will fight over. In which case I am probably obliged to do another. It’s very simple, but a lovely easy way to pass time in front of the television.

Third, this morning we cruised a couple of nurserys. MotH is overhaulling the front of our house, which has been long overdue and will be worthy of a longer post when complete. However, this is where he is up to and it includes our lovely new letterbox (after the old one got trashed).

Needless to say, I hope I am more inspired the next time I look to blog – for your sake as much as mine. At least this time there are some fotos to break the monotony.


2 thoughts on “Looking for a spark

  1. hmmm. I’m struggling to write too after the #blog12daysxmas has finished. And it’s not like I had anything earth shattering to say for that 🙂

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