Me Time

I haven’t posted for ages, but am needing some room to vent.. so sorry guys and gals but here I go.

We have recently enjoyed a lovely holiday in New Zealand. It was at the time of the Christchurch earthquake – very unfortunate for NZ though not unfortunate for us as we were way north at the time in Whangarei. However, in working up to the moment we left and diving back into work the moment we were back – it all hasn’t really worked for me. The idea of taking leave in middle of February seemed like a great idea back in June last year when I booked the flights. In hindsight, it was so unwise.

Coming back to work for me and school for the kids has been nightmarish. Everyone else was settled into the Term I routine – and we flailed terribly. We were having a confusing time with remembering when all the after-school activities were – netball practice, tennis practise, trampoling, english tutor. Thrown in on top the 500 school notices I had to catch up with, the re-scheduled parent-teacher meeting, the orthodontic appointment and the school disco, and the first week was bedlam. Work was equally if not more distressing – catching up on the meetings I missed, and starting the churn of report writing for the major meeting at the end of March. I was only gone for nine working days – and it took me three days to catch up. You do the mathematics. By the time I’d caught up, I was then behind on the stuff I was meant to do when I got back. Bringing work home and forgoing a Sunday was the only way to climb on top.

It is only now – 3 weeks back in – that we have routine. And as an almost OC type of organised person, I do not cope without routine. The first 2 weeks back included 2 trips to my osteopath who was totally gobsmacked at the condition of my back, shoulders and neck – which were well beyond the normal state of disrepair my scoliosis causes. Her comments re ‘gee, you really hold all your stress in your neck and shoulders’ should win Understatement of Year.

I now want some Me Time. I am totally desperate for some Me Time. As a working wife/mother, I get very little Me Time. In fact, I usually get none. Me Time is not even the time I’m asleep because I have to share the bed. So I am now looking forward to the start of the footy season. Not because I love football. I don’t. Not because I barrack for St Kilda. I only barrack for St Kilda because I HAVE to be involved, and as a kid liked the red/white/black combo (and Trevor Barker). The footy season is when I get some Me Time. MotH (Man of the House) takes Kid1 and Kid2 to the footy. They are all die-hard Carlton members (well, actually Kid2 is along for the ride) and they attend as many games as they can.

I am not happy to find it takes to Round 4 for Carlton to be playing a Saturday. Rounds 1 – 3 are a Thursday night,  interstate and a Friday night. And MotH is going to the interstate game as well – which happens to be when Kid2 gets back from camp, and her birthday. So I am waiting for April 16. On April 16, there will be no-one in the house except me (and the dog) for about four hours. That is 4 weeks away. Which is a long long time.


3 thoughts on “Me Time

  1. I really, really hope you get your me time. My dad used to take the four of us to the library for mum to have her me time on a Saturday morning- every Saturday morning… Take care xo

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