You’ve got mail

Thought I’d start early with the Blog Every Day Of June challenge – especially as it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. The themes will random and not interlinked in an intelligent way – simply because there is no way I could maintain that for 30 days! So, here we go for my not intelligently linked drops in the ocean.

Re the title – this is not a commentary on the Tom Hanks – Meg Ryan movie from the late 1990s. I am referring to the real stuff, that gets delivered to your door.

As Kid1’s birthday approaches, I have taken to online shopping with passionate zeal. I only shop online when I know exactly what I want – usually for books, DVDs, CDS, etc. Though I have had some fun scouring quirky websites for stuff for Kid1.

And the packages have started arriving! Boxes and big padded envelopes. It is SO exciting! Even though I know what I ordered and generally when to expect it, there’s always the fun of opening things up to see what’s inside. I do appreciate that the distributors generally do not have any indication on the outside of the package as to the innards – as it’s usually Kid1 who collects the mail! And it’s has been very frustrating for her.

“Did you see the packages on the table?”

“What packages?”

“The ones on the table!!!”

“THERE ARE NO PACKAGES” *said using the Force*

She has twigged that the packages potentially hold wonderment for her, and she has shown great fortitude in resisting the temptation to peek.

I just hope that on the day she does enjoy what has arrived not so secretly. And in the meantime, I just love getting packages!!! It makes me feel special – even when they are not really intended for me.



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