Chasing my tail

Had the #blogjune challenge started a couple of weeks ago I would have needed to give it a miss. Since Easter I have suffered from nasty lurgies that resulted in infected sinuses, bronchitis and 4 rounds of antibiotics. It is only now that I have a somewhat clear head and energy.

However I been madly playing catch-up since I got back to work. Having 11 days off (split over 3 weeks) has dented my control over things. The last time I think I had that much time off I had a baby. As a control freak, this has me in state of chaos. Coordinating work seems all over the place, as do things at home – and I’m finding it difficult enough to simply identify and chunk the work, as opposed to actually getting things done and moving forward. But I am slowly getting there.

In these times of stress I fight the urge to simply be reactive and only deal with what is right in front of me. This hasn’t been easy either  – because there is SO much right in front of my face to deal with! #Blogjune offers a lovely diversion 🙂 which I shouldn’t be embracing – but at the same time, I know 3 weeks ago I couldn’t have even typed my name.

So I will take this opportunity to ask forgiveness from family, friends and colleagues. If I am acting like a space cadet, it will hopefully be temporary. I recognise that I am behaving very much like a favourite character of mine, from a favourite read – Hyberbole and a half: the Simple Dog – going round & round & round.

Hopefully this will not reflect too much in my blogging – but at least you have been warned!


9 thoughts on “Chasing my tail

      • I too love hyperbole and a half! My sister and I are always congratulating ourselves when we Clean ALL the THINGS.
        Good luck! I am in much the same situation as you, three papers due in the next 10 days… @jzgarnett

  1. gigglesigh says:

    I have missed your presence online and now I know why. Don’t despair – I went through EXACTLY the same thing last year and trust me it does get better – even if it may not seem so right now .. you will gain control again. all the best

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