Balloons, English tests and a fridge

Today is a busy day. Kid1 is having her 14th birthday party tonight so there’s lot to prepare. But of course in the world of chaos I currently live in, refer to previous post, there are many other things going on as well.

Amidst the preparation of food, blowing up of balloons and stringing up of streamers, Kid2 is sitting exams this morning at the high school she will be attending next year. The exams are for entry into the accelerated curriculum program and while I’m not overly confident she will get in, she agreed it would be ‘a good experience’. Kid1 is in the program and has convinced Kid2 that having a stab at it is worthwhile.

At the same time, Kid1 has tennis, which starts very much the same time as the Kid2’s exams. Luckily, one of the tennis mums has very kindly agreed to pick Kid1 up and drop her off later. Such support is fabulous, as tennis is of course not being played locally, but a good 20 minutes away.

And then there is the fridge. We bought it 2 weeks ago, but it is to be delivered today. I did suggest to MotH that perhaps next week was better – but he wants his fridge. In keeping with the *wonderful* customer service of delivery men, someone needs to be home all day for the imminent arrival of said whitegoods, with a lukewarm promise that they will ring an hour before delivery and a very stern promise that they “will NOT wait”. And MotH is working. So that leaves me.

I do at least have a wonderful friend, Miss M, who is coming over this afternoon to help with the party preparations. She describes herself as ‘decorator extraordinaire’! Thank god – I don’t actually care about the quality – it’s the assistance that’s blessing.

So it’s going to be a long day. I figure by 10.30pm I will be truly exhausted, and there will be lots to clean up. But that’s what Sunday is for.


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