Yet another personality test

As a follow on from yesterday’s post (Work footprints), I am still playing with personality tests. While I fully understand these tests are very generic, and are responses to your own subjective understanding of semantics, I do find them interesting.

Most of all I am looking for tests that move away from the standard Myer-Briggs spit-out, or variations thereof. I want to see if there are different elements that may raise to the surface, that may spark my interest, inspire thought.

The latest one I have played with is through, which refers to the Humm-Wadsworth Temperament Scale. I just like the name!

It describes my style as:

“… The first set of drives underpinning this style include the motivation to be project minded, detail conscious, structured in their thinking, organised and procedural in the way they attack their duties and they will be serious and determined rather than open and enthusiastic. The second set of underlying drives, on the contrary, provide motivation for an individual to display a great deal of energy and effervescence, delight in variety and place a need for successful social interaction above concentrating on the job on hand. Therefore, it is a relatively tough task for full self-management to be imposed. Inevitably, some variations in behaviour are going to occur…”

Interesting. Add this :”Part of the person’s make up is to want to interact successfully with others, to socialise, to talk freely, to have fun and even to skylark a little.” This is sounding like me, more so I think than the righteous prig previously described.

This element probably explains me chasing my tail: “However, when tiredness sets in, or where there is influence through illness or other debilitating means, there is less possibility of effective self-management and the conflicting behaviours make it difficult for people to work with them because they see them as unpredictable.”

In the sphere of careers, my ‘style’ apparently “seek project management opportunities within a people-oriented environment, where they can analyse situations (or people) and assist in the achievement of mutually agreed goals and objectives.”


No insight. This is already what I do. But it at least sounds like fun.


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