Cracks & apologies

Today I’m picking up from Jo’s bad day yesterday – Blah – as my day was pretty blah too.

It was a day of bad meetings – people not showing up, people avoiding appropriate paths for discussions and people “putting me in it”! By the time I left work I was fuming. To then miss the train. To then get home to find that Kid1 has gone to soccer training (in our current snap of icy weather) and I have to go back out to get her.

While Jo mentioned not being the ‘superwoman’ she wants to be, and occasionally crumbling with the pressure, I unfortunately can tend to release my frustrations on my family.

Which I did last night.

It was not pretty, and it’s not something I’m proud of.

So my sincere apologies for the cracks in my love for you. While I love my family most dearly, they definitely bear the brunt of crap I face elsewhere. And I do understand that an abundance of apologies doesn’t cover all cracks.

I should redirect my frustrations elsewhere. Perhaps I need one of these.



2 thoughts on “Cracks & apologies

  1. We all have days like this unfortunately, but we are very fortunate in having loved ones who understand. Yours will be no exception, I’m sure. Hang in there, we understand.

  2. The best bit about families is that they love you no matter what type of mood you are in. If you happen to find any of those chill pills, can you get some for me?

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