I’m in the middle of a web-conference to which I am listening (honest), but the content is not totally grabbing me – so I thought I might use the time to quick post my thoughts for the day. These are few.

First – It’s officially Kid1’s birthday and she is now 14. We as a family have survived the party on Saturday night, and the family event last night for 18 people. And I am now officially very tired. I hope Kid1 has a lovely day and will enjoy the presents she receives tonight.

Second – I am longing for the long weekend. Here, in Victoria, Monday is Queen’s birthday – a day where no one gives a hoot about the Queen except for the fact that we can turn the alarm off and stay in bed. Though occasionally I do enjoy the royals (yes I did watch the wedding), this day off is the most valuable contribution they give me each year.

Last – My juggling of work seems to be getting better. Two tasks that have haunted me for the last few weeks have finally been completed, between meetings this week. And it has been a full-on-meeting week for me. I will end up taking some work home with me this weekend, but the load is not huge and I’m not viewing it with horror. Rather, I look forward to a quiet time in the study, wearing trackdaks and dog at feet, tidying some things up. I no longer am feeling like a total circus freak.

That’s it. So now I will leave you with this:


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