Harry & his mates

Geez, I hit Friday night and almost forgot to post as a part of #blogjune. It is has been a truly hectic day, as the last day of a full-on hectic week.

The main aim tonight has been to chill out, so when we (kids1 & 2 & moi) realised Harry Potter 1 (.. philosopher’s stone – shouldn’t need to even say it) was on we got ourselves ready. PJs on early, drinks and nibbles at hand, and for me the knitting was pulled out. We can all watch HP 1 – 7 as many times as the best of them, and never tire of it. I know there are many of us out there too – Miss Sophie Mac and Bookgrrl to name at least two.

 To me it is the side characters that add so much. I so adore the Weasley twins, Neville, Luna & Seamus. They so consistently provide warmth and humour throughout the movies. And I want to live in the Burrow. I know I’m a grown-up, but I still do. As Harry says ‘I think it’s brilliant’. However I am not as obsessed as some. After a bit of digging, I found this post with the most fabulous pictures of a gingerbread burrow – now that’s dedication. In comparison I have but a warm fondness for things HP.


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