Still sparking

Oops, missed posting Saturday. I did remember, late at night, but could not rally the energy to do anything about it.

We had a busy day, with a visit to Ballarat to see my brother and his girlfriend. This time the four of us went – Moth, Kids 1 & 2, and Moi, and my father met us there. As I have mentioned before, my brother suffers from MND which is progressing rapidly (at least to us). From Christmas time, when he had lost the use of both legs and had weakness in his arms, he now has only very limited use of one hand. With the hand he doesn’t have the strength to lift or hold anything, but can use the joystick on his mobility scooter to at least move around. Apparently it is now targeting his respiratory system which does not bode well.

After dumping all the bad news here, I have to say we had a lovely day. Ballarat put on a fresh but sparkling day, and the company was fabulous. My brother was in fine spirits – very chatty and very funny. He has always been the fastest with the wit (and the sharp tongue) in the family. He still sees the humour  in everything, especially his situation. I am amazed that being trapped in body that won’t work for him hasn’t dimmed his spark. He is always happy to see us, very open about what’s happening to him. very interested in what’s going on with others, and overall cheerful. His girlfriend backs this up by insisting that apart from the odd bad day, he’s just faces each day as it comes and remains smiling. That wows me.

So to my brother, who introduced me to the half-Nelson, Led Zeppelin and Jim Beam, thank you for a lovely day.




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