We saw Kylie in concert last. Which is why I’m only blogging now. Late night, too tired.

Wow – the theatricals of the show were amazing. It was an extravaganza of costumes, dancing, lighting, air-gymnastics and waterworks. Unfortunately the music left me a bit underwhelmed. I obviously do not know enough of her new stuff, and there wasn’t enough of her old stuff to keep me happy. By old stuff, I’m not talking 80s (though I do remember all that stuff), I’m talking about early 2000s – the Fever album, etc.

So why did I go to see Kylie? I do admit that I like her music but I was more interested in seeing the ‘show’ which has always been flagged as fabulous. And I wanted to see how Kylie was getting on. You see, I knew Kylie when I was a teenager. Post Sullivans, but pre- Hendersons Kids and pre-Neighbours.  When her sister Dannii was the star.

Not that she would remember me. We were part of a larger group that hung around Camberwell. Kylie was closer to my sister, and we all worked at Big Rooster at one stage (I think). The manager was her boyfriend at the time.  The most I remember about Kylie at that stage was she was soooooooooo petite, a childlike figure. With really big hair. Which is very much how she was in Neighbours.

Anyway, the show was good. It was Kid2’s first concert and she enjoyed it. I wouldn’t go again though. Katy Perry was much better.


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