Off on a tangent

When I feel overloaded with work or tasks, and/or am very very tired, I find that (without meaning to) my mind can go off on a tangent with little effort. Generally I am a focused person, so tangents are not my usual amusement.

I have found in my professional life that it can be very distracting trying to work with a person who does the ‘tangent’ thing a lot. A previous manager of mine was very good at stopping mid-sentence during a performance review or meeting, to note the bird tweeting outside the window or the way the sun was hitting the window. Overall, I find this frustrating.

And yet, when there is work I don’t want to do or cannot concentrate upon due to fatigue or stress, I do the same thing. At these times I love a ‘tangent’. Facebook is a tangent. Blogging can be a tangent.

Most of all I like to visualise a tangent. I see it as a tangerine ray of light, curving away from me, taking my thoughts elsewhere.

Apologies – this has been my ‘tangent’ today.



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