For the love of Sheldon

Last night the family gathered for one of the very few TV shows we all enjoy – The Big Bang Theory. There is not much around, television or movies, that all four of us will watch together or have shared interest in. So when one comes along, we snatch it up for all the ‘family-bonding’ that we can possibly get out of it.

Central to our enjoyment is of course Sheldon. While I don’t think anyone would necessarily want a Sheldon in their lives, he is truly brilliant and hilarious to watch. My enjoyment though springs from the wonderful geeky gadgets and moments the four men bring to life.  Here is a list of BBT things that have really thrilled me recently:

  1. That Aquaman is the least desired hero in the Justice League, & that Flash is the best.
  2. Raj’s t-shirt that provides sound effects for moments in life – especially the use of the ‘clang’ from Law & Order.
  3. Amy Farrah Fowler. I love her. And I think it is so awesome that Blossom grew up to be Amy Farrah Fowler, and is a neuroscientist in real life!
  4. Raj’s incapacity to talk to women unless drunk
  5. That Sheldon has provided the whole family with new idioms and catchphrases:
  • [knock knock knock] Penny (repeat x3)
  • you’re sitting in my seat
  • Bazinga

It is true that this highlights we do not watch ‘intellectual’ TV, but finding a TV show that appeals to an 11yo girl through to a 47yo man is quite a discovery. We love it and we’re proud of it.

As Sheldon would say: I am not crazy, my mother had me tested.





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