21st century education

In the school newsletter I received yesterday, the state primary school announced it was introducing iPads for all students in Grade 5 in 2012. These students would take their iPads with them to Grade 6 in 2013 and a new cycle would begin for the Grade 5’s in that year. In the proposal parents have the opportunity to purchase the iPad outright or enter into a lease arrangement for two years.

I think this is fabulous – and have two children who are desperately jealous, as our contact with primary school finishes this year.  I am somewhat surprised that the state secondary college is not yet doing the same thing.

During our tour earlier this year (as Kid2 will start Yr7 in 2012), the Junior School Principle did mention that he expected all students would have tablet devices by 2015. For my children this will be Yr 10 and Yr12. As the state secondary college is considered the best in the area (the only one that ‘zones’ students) and one of the best in Melbourne, I don’t really understand why they would wait that long?

Bring it on!!!

Though when all these iPads come to pass, this would make me the only one in the house to not have one 🙂


3 thoughts on “21st century education

  1. bookgrrl says:

    Miss BG’s kindergarten are looking at getting a couple of iPads for the four-year group to use udring their session. It’s not so much to replace what they do, but another form of technology with which they will become familiar.

  2. Mr.12’s primary school started a grade 3-6 parent funded netbook program this year. The cost was over $700. On average they have only been using it once a week, so it has not been good value for money. Also there won’t be any continuity next year, as neither of the high schools we are considering offer this type of program.

    • How disappointing. I am surprised they haven’t integrated the use of the netbooks further into the education. Kid2’s school is an Apple school so I would trust they would do this – they certainly use the Apple Macs a few times a week at the moment.

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