Lazy days

Today was a lazy day.

Kid1’s tennis team made the semi-finals last week but, alas, lost. Her netball finished a couple of weeks ago. So no sport today. So no getting up to be out of the house before 9am. MotH also had no work on. So we all took the opportunity to have a slow day, though we enjoyed it our different ways.

MotH and I were up by 7.30am – our body clocks are difficult to switch off. It was lovely though to enjoy our morning coffees and not have to rush anywhere.

MotH whipped out to get the morning paper, while I curled up with my knitting and watched, of all things, Pollyanna. I am truly a sook at heart.

Kids 1 & 2 ventured from their respective slumbers after 9am, and joined me on the couch. At various stages I moved to put another load of washing on, or to hang up the towels & linen outside (but under cover) to take advantage of the beautiful morning.

Lunch was pancakes with maple syrup – a delicious luxury that we only enjoy about once a month at the very most.

Then, while the kids pottered (tv, computer, crafty things) and MotH watched the football, I snapped up the opportunity for a nanna nap. What bliss.

While this has been indeed a lazy day, I have also managed to get four reports finished for work – leaving 3 to be finished by Friday. This is a fabulous feeling – it removes a lot of stress from the coming week.

It has been a lovely day, and tomorrow promises the same as Kid2 has a bye in soccer. Not sure I’ll be able to adjust to work on Monday 🙂



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