A question of time

A pet peeve of mine is running late. I always intend to be on time, and if it is only me involved I generally am. Enter two daughters who both have a different understanding of time to me. In fact I would declare their understanding of time is at direct odds with mine.

Instances of how our understandings clash….

Be ready at 11am:

– To me this means fully dressed & all accessories at hand a few minutes before 11am.

– To Kids 1 & 2, at 11.05am still searching for the other shoe, the ipod or the hairbrush.

Quick shower:

– To me this means in & out of shower and fully dressed in 15 minutes.

– To Kids 1 & 2, this means stay in shower til Mum threatens turning the hot water in the kitchen on (instant cold water!), add 5 minutes for second louder threat, then add 10 minutes to get dressed. This usually takes >30 minutes.

Clean up now:

– To me this means one should react immediately, and tidy up whatever has been mentioned.

– To Kids 1 & 2, this means ignore the request. If request is not issued with enough threat of punishment, delay at least 24 hours if not more. Clean up only on direct threat of loss of pocket money or internet access.

Time for bed:

– To me this means at least a close adherence to ‘bed times’. 8.30pm + 1/2 hr reading for Kid2, 9.30pm for Kid1.

– To Kids 1 & 2, this means keeping moving to other rooms in the house so Mum won’t realise you are not in bed until you are caught.

These are daily occurrences than drive me nuts. What drives me even nuttier is the shocked reaction from my children when I finally crack – as though it has come right out of the blue. And the worst aspect – I sound like my mother! “If you would just do what you were asked to do the first time….”


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