Horoscope Schmoroscope

I’ve been copping flack from my horoscope all week.

On Monday it read: “Try to avoid all forms of disputes with friends at this time… you must control your temper.”

On Tuesday it read: “Today beware of misunderstandings that may creep into your social life. Watch your language and choose your words carefully in order to avoid accidentally offending your friends.”

Today it reads: “With the planets creating a bit of chaos and havoc, both good and bad, in your domestic sphere, you have to be careful what you say today. If in doubt, bite your tongue. The restraint you show today will avoid domestic problems for you
in the near future. The tensions abounding today are not worth addressing with
anger. These, too, shall pass.”

I have come to the conclusion I should simply avoid talking to anyone, expect for other Scorpios who may understand why we keep offending each other. Bah humbug.


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