How many hours in a day?

As we get closer to the end of June, I am again playing catch-up with blogs. This will be the second for today, to cover the fact I didn’t blog yesterday. I meant to. Even had thoughts on what to blog. It just simply didn’t happen.

This seems to be happening a lot to me at the moment. Thinking of things that need to happen. Having great intentions of getting things done. Then time escapes me and I finish the day realising I am no closer to achieving what needs to be done.

I have many excuses for this: I am juggling two positions at the moment; consultation is replacing action; everything is a TOP priority; and everything is needed TODAY.

Unfortunately excuses don’t mean a great deal. Everyone is under similar or equal pressure, and we all do not have enough time in the day to achieve what we need to achieve. Today started with my knowledge of 3 hours of meetings, which should have left 4+ hours of worktime. By the end of the day I had participated in 6 hrs of meetings. The 2+ hours left in the day allowed me to get rid of the small items that were absolutely necessary – the same items I had originally planned to eradicate before 10am. This wouldn’t be so bad, but it seems to be becoming a daily occurrence. This probably is linked to my horoscope telling me not to be cranky!

So after posting this I will start work on the papers I intended to write today. I would have preferred to use this time to couch dwell with my family & de-stress. Alas, this is not so.


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