3 brain cells left

It’s the last day of the #Blogjune challenge and I’m writing the 30th post at 11.15pm…. This is not going to be a post of great depth as I only have about three brain cells left that are communicating to each other.

So my random thoughts this late at night are:

I really enjoyed the challenge of blogging for the month (again)! It’s not something I could maintain all the time, but I love it as a mid year distraction. I also enjoyed the #blog12daysxmas challenge and hope it returns again too.

I’ve enjoyed reading the other blogs in the challenge. Initially I read as many as I could, but I have to admit that when time is limited I usually stick to my favourites. Where possible I have subscribed to these posts so they arrive in my email inbox and I can enjoy them without the need to chase them up.

I do look forward to not having to find something to write about tomorrow. The timing of this challenge is brilliant as with July1 comes the to end of Term2 and start of the school holidays. I will hopefully get to take some leave, and be able to embrace being addle-brained.

So goodnight, and goodbye for at least a little while. Hope the randomness of my posts were of some interest 🙂


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