A week of blah

I sometimes think I only post when I need to vent. So sorry guys & gals, but I’m about to do it again.  It has been a totally crap week, which was meant to be so much better as it’s school holidays and I’m off work.

Here goes with the rant:

SUNDAY: Trip up a step and tear a muscle in my calf. Embrace crutches as only means of mobility.

MONDAY: Cancel 3 night trip to Ballarat. Go to morning mass in remembrance of Moth’s father – 7 year anniversary of his passing. Family is most sad. Doc says 2 – 6 weeks recovery for calf 😦

TUESDAY: Aim to take kids to movies. Tickets sold out. We buy & go back later in the day. Completely knackered from crutches. Discover Sister-in-law has been to hospital 2 times this week with kidney stones. They blasted the suckers but obviously left big bits.

WEDNESDAY: Aim to do a day trip to Ballarat. Only get as far as Sunshine. Totally distraught call from my brother’s girlfriend. Reduced to quadraplegia through MND, he is suffering from what they think may be a chest infection – this is bad bad news. I have to do the ring around to family. This is when the other news hits:

  • Friend’s father has had massive stroke, and hasn’t regained consciousness
  • MotH’s aunt has been diagnosed with cancer in the lungs (3rd time very unlucky)
  • Sister-in-law is back in hospital, but this time they have admitted her.

It is at this stage I embrace the fact that this week sucks.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: get the call from Ballarat. Not a chest infection, but a cold – YAY but he’s still having some difficulties breathing – BOO. Doc has upped the dose of his morphine, so he’s resting comfortably.

THURSDAY: Call Ballarat. Brother got good night’s sleep (1st in 10 months) – YAY. But no good news on other fronts.

So I’m a bit over it. Enough about me – rant over and out.


2 thoughts on “A week of blah

  1. bookgrrl says:

    It can be quite cathartic getting things off your chest, even when you’re listing just how craptastic a week it’s been. You have my sympathies, and I hope your troubles pass.

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