ABC of pleasures

After purging all my crapola the other day, today’s focus is the things in life for which I am thankful, and which give me great joy.

A – Autumn, my favourite season. Though we are in winter and it’s cold outside, I  couldn’t appreciate the beauty of autumn without the extremes of our seasons.

B – Babies. I love little ones, who show how much promise there is to come.

C – Crutches. Though I despise them, they do provide me with mobility.

D – Dog. Buddy, our dog, brings unconditional love and laughter to my family.

E – Eggs. I love them any which way they come – delish!

F – Friends. I have fabulous friends who cheer me up, and are exceptionally great company. I couldn’t do without them.

G – Giraffes, my favourite animal. Clumsy like me, sometimes with a touch of grace and completely unique.

H – Husband, who shares my life willingly and takes care of me when I am down.

I – Inside. On cold nights and frosty mornings, I love that I can hide inside where it’s warm & dry.

J – Juggling the work-life balance. Though at times I find it difficult I couldn’t do without the challenge. If one part was missing it just wouldn’t be me.

K – Kids, of which I have two. I love them. They love me. They make my life so enjoyable.

L – Laughter. A great laugh is the best way to add perspective.

M – Motherhood. Never thought that this would be me, but it is and I love it.

N – Neenish tarts. Nom nom.

O – Orange, my favourite colour – it always brightens my mood.

P – Popcorn. One of my favourite snacks: air popped popcorn, with a little bit of butter and salt. Yum.

Q – Quiet mornings. I rise before the rest of my family on weekend days, and I lve the peacefulness of my first coffee in silence.

R – Relatives. I have wonderful relatives, those directly related to me, extended family and those through marriage. Not everyone can say that.

S – Snow. With winter comes snow, and our recent day trip to go tobogganing was tremendous fun.

T – Twitter, which has provided me with contact with wonderfully witty tweeps, who can offer laughs, support and advice when needed.

U – Umbrella, of which mine is rainbow coloured. If you have to go out in the rain, you may as well bring your own rainbow with you.

V – Val was my mum’s name and though I miss her, I treasure my memories of her.

W – WordPress. My blog provides a wonderful means of downloading my brain and my emotions. It’s free therapy.

X – eXcitement (yes I know I’m cheating) – I love how excited my kids get when they are looking forward to something. Most recently this has been our trip to the snow and HP 7 part 2.

Y – Yarn. I love to knit and crochet, and I love the experience of buying new wool for a new project.

Z – Zzzzzz. A good night sleep can provide a lovely reprieve and shed new light and hope on woes.

Just wanted to show that I know life is not crap. There is so much to enjoy.


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