We got a start on the familyroom today, now that the festivities are done. Apologies for bad photos (blackberry takes crap shots – yes I blame the tools). Here’s what we started with – an uninspired room:

First step was clearing out the furniture. As I aim to get some new furniture I am hoping my niece will take the TV unit and a round table and chairs. She has just moved out into a share house and none of them own furniture! I remember that stage of life well 🙂 The next step was ripping up the carpet:

Then the underlay:

The room is huge and echos now. Again, as MotH’s brother-in-law is looking to soundproof his garage (read loud band rehearsals), he has promised to take both carpet and the underlay. Score! If we are as lucky as we hope, there will be no furniture or carpet of which we have to dispose.

Having cleaning up the mess – ripping up carpet tacking strips, taking off the skirting board and sweeping things clean – MotH got a fabulous reward. We went to Bunnings! Dropping both kids off at the local shopping centre (xmas money burning holes in their pockets), I braved the wild frontier with Moth. This is not a place we usually choose to go together (I do not have the staying power of a male) but we had a common mission.

Armed with paint tins, rollers, trays, brushes and various odd bits we are prepared for tomorrow. I am very excited!


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