Keeping busy

Well the overhauling continues. Today’s focus was painting. Firstly the skirting boards and the architrave around the windows and doorways:

Then the walls. MotH hadn’t been real sure about my choice of colour – but he is pleased now with the result. I wanted a fresh colour to liven the room up. We’ve only painted two walls – on purpose (no we didn’t run out of paint). I wanted to keep 2 walls in the original ‘Hominy’ to even out the blueness.

Now we’re ready to put the flooring down tomorrow:

On a complete different note, I got totally waylaid by little things going wrong today. And I snapped. And whinged. And was truly grumpy. The first was a visit to Spotlight for 1.8m of fabric to recover the cushions on the couch,  to be stuck behind the customer at the cutting counter who had 25+ types of fabric in her trolley. By the time I got served the ‘cutting’ lady looked so apologetic – especially as I wanted to so little fabric. I did get some other lovely treasures but was astounded the fabric took a 25 min wait.

The next wasn’t till I started dinner – shaking the soy sauce bottle to find the lid not on properly, shaking salt into the mash potato to find someone had left the shaker at the pour setting, finding we have no margarine just after I have been to Woolies….. By the time dinner was cooked I was ready to throw it out the window.

I am at peace now but my family is still a bit wary of the monster lurking. Best go to bed soon and trust I will be a happier person tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. Oh no! It sounds as though you have been SO busy – it’s no wonder the *little* things (although I wouldn’t have called those food mishaps “little”! If it had been me, I would have been livid!) seem to affect you more; you’re probably exhausted! I hope you sleep well tonight…

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