Are we there yet?

The short answer is no. However, we are getting closer. Today was filled with floor-fitting fidgeting – cutting bits and pieces out to accommodate doors, doorways and door jams. I will admit upfront I didn’t help a great deal here – this was man’s work. And the man did great!

The flooring is almost completely in – we had to stop as we thought the neighbours would be miffed by the powersaw after 9pm. Tomorrow morning should see it finished thouhg – with skirting boards and architraves back on, and quad to trim the door ways.

Then comes the furniture. I am changing the look of our lounge suite, which is red & green, with navy sofa covers. Now I am hoping (fingers and toes are crossed) that the covers fit, and I have made 4 new cushions today to trim the couches. Originally I had planned to just cover the old ones, but after a closer inspection I declared them unfit for reuse. So new fillers it was.

Tomorrow we shop for a new TV unit and coffee table *cartwheels with excitement*, and slightly later down the track we will fit out the short wall with benches, cupboards and shelves. For that lot we’ll make a date with Ikea. I really wanted to hit Ikea tomorrow as well, but MotH is having extreme reactions to the opening of wallet so I guess I should allow his some recovery time.

(P.S. no meltdowns today – I stayed away from the soy sauce.)


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