Racing the clock

Well it’s getting very close to midnight so I’m racing the clock to get this post in today.

We’ve had a very busy New Year’s Eve. I started by visiting two stores – the 1st to purchase a replacement couch cover for the one that was damaged, and the 2nd to return said cover. I scored on that one as the first store only charged $10 for the $100 item out of pure laziness, and perhaps a touch of stupidity. So both covers are now on.

MotH and I then went furniture shopping for a new coffee table and TV unit. We started one, quickly moved to another – where we were truly horrified at the prices. Incredible mark-ups to make up for their ‘interest-free’ deals. So on to shop three and we scored again – both coffee table and TV unit for $600. They’ll be delivered Tuesday.

Tonight was dinner in the CBD at our fav Chinese restaurant, with lots of over-eating. This was followed by a walk to the Yarra to watch the family fireworks. The fireworks were unfortunately underwhelming. Having secured a fabulous position in Birrarung Marr, the fireworks exploded over the MCG – truly a bummer. We could watch, but the real effects were lost by the distance.

We are now home awaiting the new year – ready to watch the Sydney/Melbourne fireworks on TV.

Night all – & I hope next year is good to you.


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