We’re there!

This post is a bit belated (should have been written yesterday) but I was just too tired at the end of the day to write. But we have finished. Sort of.

The room itself is now complete, with painted walls and trim and new flooring.

And it looks fabulous! MotH has had a complete turn-around and now loves the colours I chose – which makes me immensely happy.

Having finished all this, it’s now time to put furniture back in. I will honestly admit that MotH did most of the painting and the flooring, but it was my task to empty the room (thus providing motivation). And it’s my job to fill it back up.

Not everything is going back in. The big bookshelf and toycupboard will be replaced – but that’s another day so for the moment that stays where it is now, against the kitchen dining room wall.

The couches I aimed to overhaul with covers – which I attempted to do last night. 1 win, 1 fail. I started with the 2-seater cover I had bought – now I should have know better: the only navy 2-seater cover at Spotlight was in plastic bag rather than proper packaging, obviously returned by another customer. On unpacking the bloody thing was ripped and stained. How can someone do that? How dishonest? And what a waste of time for me, as now I will have to return it and probably have to order another because I know they didn’t have any others in stock.

The 3-seater turned out fine though.

Today we will we buying a new coffee table and TV unit. But last night, to keep the kids happy, I set up the TV, Wii, DVD player and Foxtel so they could once again be absorbed by things digital. Last of all I set the kitchen dining area back to normal, as it had stored the excess furniture.

As a result of our overhauling, we are getting rid of theold TV unit, table and chairs and the coffee table. I am hoping my niece will take them. Otherwise I may ring Diabetes Australia who take old furniture (if in reasonable condition) to resell for charity.

So, it’s a late post – as I said I was exhausted. But it has been a very busy few days.


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