A day of treats

Though today was my first back at work, it has been a day of treats. The first was when I got home, a bit tired and bothered, to find our new furniture for our new room had arrived.

And it looks wonderful – we are so happy with our choices.

Only drawback is MotH is now questioning the size of the TV. I plan to derail his grand plans for some time as this TV is only 7 months old. It was bought at the size it is to fit the old TV unit, and I don’t really see a problem with it (except that when I took this photo there was indeed a smurf on the screen).

The second treat was that my #secretsanta present arrived: a beautiful pen masquerading as a lipstick with a gorgeous little notepad.

Both have joined the turmoil inside my handbag. The notepad has a wonderful branding on the back: ‘Purse pads for women on the go! … the perfect gift, the right dose of attitude’. I feel this captures me beautifully.

I missed the #secretsanta thing last year (meaning 2010-2011) so was excited to be a part of it this time. I so enjoy my twitter friends, both those I have met IRL and those I am perhaps unlikely to meet but can converse with online.

Two lovely things to end my day (besides my lovely family, of course).


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