At the eleventh hour

It is the eleventh hour of the twelfth day of christmas, and I have no idea of what I should write about for the last post of the #blog12daysxmas challenge.

My mind is a blank. This could be the result of 3 nights of bad sleep plus 3 very full days back at work. In my new role I seem to spend most of my day in meetings / discussions / impromptu catch-ups, which I suppose is what happens when you manage 3 teams. This is fine, but by the end of three days I feel the need to stare at a blank wall as I cannot really take much more in.

Staring at a blank post is deeply unsettling. This is generally why I don’t regularly update my blog as I am sure I would crumble under the pressure of the blank screen and nothing to say.

As I am doing right now….


One thought on “At the eleventh hour

  1. I feel your exhaustion, and your discouragement at *apparently* having “nothing to say”. And although it may seem that your post ‘says nothing’; it conveys perhaps more than you realise.
    I enjoy reading your posts. These ones included. To me, they’re more real.
    And just a thought – you could always try something different, and blog in Austenese with me?!! Maybe we could start a hashtag about it even? A challenge, for all and sundry, to #blog5daysAustenese (because anything longer might be rather too difficult…!) What do you think?!

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