Journeying northwards

The smallish family had decided to venture north to visit a while with family. The decision having been made to undertake the journey, the three ladies (one of mature age and the other two much younger) packed their dearest possessions and bid a fond farewell to the man of the house. Expecting an arduous journey, they were still high spirits that early morn. The youngest of the three, a maiden only eleven ‘but almost twelve’ as she most often declared, burst forth with frequent banter raising questions to no one in particular relating to her high expectations.

Miss Q, the older daughter, mostly readily disregarded the constant chatter from her younger sister, having many seasons of experience behind in this matter. Her own mind dwelt upon the opportunities to be presented by exposure to the fashions, styles and wanton interests of the northern set. The wondrous possibility of returning home, clothed in the fashion attire that was not yet available to her southern sisters and friends was all too delightful. One cannot say her desires were at all honourable as they were driven by an appetite to outclass the neighbourhood, but we shouldn’t consider her too malicious as her need was the usual held by most girls of her age.

The mother was lost in her own thoughts of family long not seen, memories of old and of greatest importance a long overdue vacation from the bustle of running the household manor. Oh to be a guest with others to wait upon your needs and nothing more to tax the mind that the choice of recreational interests for the day. The journey could not be short enough at all.



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