The burden of correspondence

Correspondence is a most usual part of a lady’s day as it is the means to which she can maintain her acquaintances, ensure she is a part of the conversations following through her community and she can keep a health check on the ebbs and flows of the goings-on. Poor Mrs Q. felt so exceedingly badly as her correspondence was tremendously behind.

She had so much to share about their journeying northwards and yet there were just too many difficulties and obstacles placed in her way to attend to her letter writing. This is not to say the obstacles were unpleasant for indeed they were delightful. Morning teas with an ever-changing variety of guests who, upon learning the southern kin had arrived in the region, descended full of conversation and news. Lunching picnics with traveling to day baths or the manors of distant cousins, to leisurely chat, watching the children mix gaily with each other, bonding over the flora and fauna. And nights were by no means restful either with balls especially gathered to honour their visitation, or banquets – again with an ever shifting tide of acquaintances seeking an audience.

Mrs Q. was usually a diligent correspondent when she had promised to write, and her shame was increased by her knowledge of all the wonderful news she had to share. It was just so increasingly difficult to find the time to put pen to  paper, or in this instance to tap out a blog. She promised herself she would address this disgraceful neglect but posting two letters in the same day. ‘That will do it’, she murmured to herself, ‘even if I must stay awake half the night’.


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