The art of beautification

As a woman in today’s genteel society, one must work hard to ensure that one’s feminine wiles are fully engaged and maximised. By this means, a lady may capture and keep the attention of her betroved, whilst also setting a high standard as a role model for other up and coming girls. To this very end, the three ladies of the Q family sojourned in the morn at the very fashionable beauty salon to have their nails painted.

Once considered most unbecoming and the sign of a tainted lady, the painting of the nails is now quite acceptable and is indeed a pursuit undertaken by the most regal within society. Without question, the many hues of pink or the hint of glazes upon the fingertips will no longer raise eyebrows, but rather stamp upon the observer the strong impression of style and well being.

It was with such intent in mind the three ladies did submit to shaping and buffing and colouring of their nails, with the youngest Miss Q. selecting the softest of pinks and the older a bold royal purple shade. Mrs. Q was by far the most adventurous with her choice of a strikingly dark aubergine on her toes.

It was only right that the time directly after their beautification should be engaged with a promenade about the township, with an extra special journey to the Donut shop. All three ladies were very happy to return home after what they strongly believed to be a most productive morning.


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